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Big Bear
Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Children and youth who have experienced maltreatment undergo additional challenges of now having to be involved in the criminal justice system. In many cases, this involvement is extremely traumatic for the child/youth and their families with having to travel to several places that can be quite intimidating (Police Station, Child protection offices, Hospital & Emergency services, Court). Big Bear CYAC has been developed to address these challenges by coordinating the response in child maltreatment investigations and creating one safe location where all the professionals come to the child and not the other way around! Support and advocacy is the priority! Big Bear CYAC also works to connect children/youth and their families with the right healing and support services that will fit with their needs and cultural well being.


Big Bear CYAC is like every non-profit society where donations are greatly needed an appreciated.


A Community Working Together for a Better Outcome for Everyone!

A father and a daughter at a grassland
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